Nima outsources its polishing art work to factories in Russia and India (Surat) where the highly skilled labourers produce diamonds of great sparkle and brilliance. The company ensures that no compromises are made to achieve the most attractive stones .

‘Nima’ diamonds are made to the highest possible international standards and come with GIA, HRD and IGI certification. Our customers can be rest assured that when they buy a ‘Nima’ Diamond, it was mined and procured from the most legitimate source.

Our manufactured diamonds in combination with polished stones sourced from the diamond market worldwide help us provide you with a variety of polished diamonds that include:

  • Stars
  • Melees
  • Pointers
  • Caraters
  • Matched Pairs
  • Larger specials
  • Ideal cuts
  • Certified & Non-certified goods
  • Fancy Shapes
  • Colour Diamonds
  • Custom jewellery

Non Certified Stones

At Nima we offer non-certified diamonds both round and fancy shapes in all colors, size and clarity (IF- Pique)


Fancy colored diamonds are rare diamonds. They are valued primarily for their intensity and distribution of color. In other words deeper the color of the stone, greater is its value.

Fancy colored diamonds come in yellow, pink, blue, orange, red and purple. Yellow diamonds are more commonly seen whereas intense pink and blue are the rare ones. The rarest of the rarest stones are generally auctioned and fetch millions of dollars.

Fancy Coloured diamonds are fashionable diamond serving as a style statement for a class of people. Their rarity and uniqueness also make these the most sought after diamonds for investment.

All Fancy Colored Diamonds at NIMA have natural color and come with Gemological Institute of America (GIA) report.


White diamonds or in other words colourless diamonds are the most common diamonds we see in our everyday life. They come in different shapes, sizes and color.

At Nima we offer brilliant rounds and fancy shape diamonds in all sizes, shapes, clarity and color both certified (GIA,HRD, IGI) and non certified.